What is the difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and a Prosthodontist?

Don’t let these terms confuse you.  There is a big difference between a
cosmetic dentist and a prosthodontist.  Any dentist can label themselves as
a “cosmetic dentist.”

A Prosthodontist is a specialist , recognized  by the American Dental
Association,highly trained in cosmetic dentistry and underwent  three
extra years of training after dental school to learn how to achieve the ultimate cosmetic
results.   General dentists are licensed to do restorative procedures,
however in four years of dental school the requirements are minimal.  Dr Barry Kaplan is
Prosthodontist  in Morris County that focuses specifically on complex cosmetic / restorative
treatments for the entire 2-4 years of training beyond dental school.
Whether you want veneers and/or crowns, implants and bridges, dentures,
partials, implant reconstruction or other advanced procedures,
prosthodontists have the most extensive training in the field. In addition
to training in the aforementioned dental treatments, prosthodontists have
further education in dental biomaterials, ceramics, and
understanding of color and how it affects aesthetics. So before choosing a
dental provider, it is important to look at the credentials to avoid any
disappointment especially if relating to dental aesthetics.
Prosthodontists make smiles beautiful and function properly. Choosing a
highly skilled prosthodontist can be the difference between getting the
smile you want and a serious disappointment