What is a Prosthodontist?

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What is a Prosthodonist?

Prosthodontics is a recognized accredited specialty by the American Dental Association. Prosthodontists receive several years of advanced education after the completion of four years of dental school. Prosthodontic training emphasizes the clinical skills to treat complex restorative cases. Significant time is spent on diagnosis and treatment planning with emphasis on managing and preserving as much of the healthy bone, teeth & soft tissues as possible, to ensure a successful treatment outcome. If needed, prosthodontists act as the team leader in coordinating specialty referrals such as extractions to the oral surgeon, root canal therapy to the endodontists, and corrections of tissue defects to the periodontist to provide a coordinated treatment experience. Prosthodontist make smiles beautiful and function properly!

Dr Kaplan is a Prosthodontist that surgically trained in the placement of Implants. With any restorative plan, the final result must be visualized and planned at the start of treatment. The teeth are first planned in the optimal position using a digital simulation and the implants are then planned to be in the optimal position relative to the teeth. The implants are placed with sophisticated software using 3D guided implant placement. Since the Prosthodontist is responsible for delivering the final teeth he is in the unique position to insure that all steps leading up to the final result are done properly. Since Dr. Kaplan is placing the implants he is in full control of the process.