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According to a recent study cited in the Journal of American Dental Association, the mortality rate for smokers over 70 is 3 times as high as non smokers.
Moreover, mortality risk reduces once an individual stops smoking. The study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, included 160,000 subjects
70 years or older. Each subject completed a detailed questionnaire back in 2004/5 as to if they still smoked and if not, when they quit. Additionally, information was also gathered as to smoking related causes of death such as smoker related cancers, Stroke, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Respiratory Disease. The highest rates of mortality (27.9%) were for former smokers between 60 and 69 years old. Current smokers had a higher mortality rate of 33%. This data underscores the impact of youth and early adult smoking on mortality rates meaning that the longer one smokes the greater the mortality rate over 70 years old. Conversely, it also shows that smoking cessation improves survival rates.
Smoking has other deleterious oral effects. It can stain your teeth, cause or enhance periodontal disease causing you to lose your teeth sooner. Many studies show that smoking can cause implants to fail as well. Lastly, there is a high correlation with smoking and various oral cancers. Smoking cessation will greatly improve your oral health and more importantly increase your longevity.
Another deadly killer is smokeless tobacco. Most people would consider smokeless tobacco a less toxic substitute for smoking but this is not true. Smokeless tobacco is responsible for 250,000 deaths per year world wide. It contains many carcinogens that are responsible mouth cancer and heart disease.
Many Smokers have tried E-Cigs or Vaping as a means of quitting but E-Cigs are
quickly becoming the next big health risk. They are unregulated and there is growing evidence of health issues related to their ingredients. To make matters worse, E-Cig companies have developed fruit and candy flavors to lure young kids.
There are no safe alternatives. All Tobacco and Smoking products have serious health issues!!k here to change this text