How do i care for my Dentures?

Dentures will accumulate bacteria and fungus over time. Bacteria and fungal build up commonly referred to as Biofilm.

This biofilm is unhealthy and can become harmful if left for long periods of time.

For this reason dentures should be cleaned daily by soaking or a brush with a non abrasive denture cleaner.


  • Soaking should of course always be done outside the mouth.
  • All denture cleaner tablets are equally effective.
  • Tablets are more effective against Fungal biotypes.
  • If you have an allergy to Persulfate (active ingredient in Denture tablets) you should not use tablets.


  • Denture Creams and Pastes can also be used to brush the denture but care must be used to use a Denture pastes with NO abrasive and use a soft bristle brush. Creating microscratches on the inside of the denture allows bacteria to accumulate and grow.
  • The dentures should always be rinsed thoroughly before reinserting back in the mouth after soaking.

Dentures should be professionally cleaned at least one time per year in a professional grade Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Do not boil dentures, it will destroy the integrity of the acrylic.

Optionally, you make soak the denture, periodically (once a month),  in Bleach for NO MORE THAN 10 minutes at a time!! Longer soak times will degrade the acrylic in the denture.

Always store your denture in water when not using to prevent the acrylic from warping.